1.1 TGL/PQ/HOSP-01/2018/2020 Supply of Cleaning Materials and Equipment.
TGL/PQ/HOSP-02/2018/2020 Supply Of Toiletries/ Laundry Services/Linen/Soft furnishings.
TGL/PQ/HOSP-03/2018/2020 Events Supplies, PA system/ Entertainment/Interior D├ęcor.
TGL/PQ/HOSP-04/2018/2020 Kitchen supplies, groceries, meat and dairy products/ soft drinks/Alcoholic drinks.
TGL/PQ/HOSP-05/2018/2020 Supply of Kitchen Equipment and kitchen utensils.
2.1 TGL/PQ/GC-01/2018/2020 Supply of Fertilizers and Chemicals/soils/Manure/ Sand.
TGL/PQ/GC-02/2018/2020 Supply of Golf Course Equipment, machine spares & repairs (Toro & Ransom machines, Tractors, Irrigation spares).
TGL/PQ/GC-03/2018/2020 Supply of Grass, Trees & Flowers.
3.1 TGL/PQ/ADM-01/2018/2020 Supply of Uniforms.
TGL/PQ/ADM-02/2018/2020 Supply of Fumigation Services.
TGL/PQ/ADM-03/2018/2020 Supply of Office Equipment/stationery/furniture.
TGL/PQ/ADM-04/2018/2020 Supply of Electronics/Electricals.
TGL/PQ/ADM-05/2018/2020 Supply of Garbage Collection Services.
TGL/PQ/ADM-06/2018/2020 Supply of Insurance brokerage services.
TGL/PQ/ADM-07/2018/2020 Supply of internet services/software and installation.
TGL/PQ/ADM-08/2018/2020 Supply of Fuels and Oils.
TGL/PQ/ADM-09/2018/2020 Repair and maintenance of Motors and equipment.
4.1 TGL/PQ/BDM-01/2018/2020 Design & Supply of Branded Items(promotional Merchandise), exhibition stands/Video & Photography.
TGL/PQ/BDM-02/2018/2020 Supply of marketing Consultancy & Market Research services/ Public Relations/Creative Design/Sales Agents.
TGL/PQ/BDM-03/2018/2020 Website Design and Maintenance.
TGL/PQ/BDM-04/2018/2020 Golf Merchandise (ProShop).
5.1 TGL/PQ/PM-01/2018/2020 Project Consultancy (Architects/Interior design/landscape/structural engineers/electrical engineers/mechanical engineers/ water and sewer engineers/ telecommunication engineers).
TGL/PQ/PM-02/2018/2020 Contractors in plumbing/building/water and sewer pipeline/lift/landscaping and interior finishing works/exhauster services.
TGL/PQ/PM-03/2018/2020 Telecommunication (security surveillance system/access control/structural data cabling).
TGL/PQ/PM-04/2018/2020 General Hardware and Building Supplies.
TGL/PQ/PM-05/2018/2020 Supply of pumps and plumbing fittings.
TGL/PQ/PM-06/2018/2020 Supply of sand, ballast, building stones & quarry dust.
TGL/PQ/PM-07/2018/2020 Hire of Earth-moving Equipments.
6.1 TGL/PQ/S&S-01/2018/2020 Provision of Security, Fire and safety services.
7.1 TGL/PQ/PS-01/2018/2020 Supply of professional services (Lawyers/Auditors/Surveyors/Other consultants).

A complete set of documents for prequalification may be obtained from the Thika Greens Offices at the Clubhouse during normal office working hours at a cost of KShs. 2000.00 from 9.00am to 4.00pm on or before 3rd September 2018.

Addressed to:

The Chief Executive Officer,
Thika Greens Limited,

P.O BOX 16961-00620,

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